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Lost in Translation, Mean Girls and a back catalogue of Wes Anderson – just some of the reasons this artist first caught my eye…

Sarah Silverman, a New York-based sketcher under the name of Sarah Leoraa, possibly for obvious reasons, not only has exquisite taste in films, but she can draw.

Sarah’s zines are more picture book than independent-doing-it-on-my-own punk publications. And instead, carefully picked moments avoid falling into copy-cat territory to bring back what you most loved about that scene, film, character, or most of the time, a detail you thought only you remembered.

Not only do her zines collate and collect, but they have an interesting sequence to them; no film by-numbers here.

I’ve treated myself to Sarah’s beautifully bound Lost in Translation zine as well as an undeniably cool watercolour print of Bill Murray as Raleigh St Clair from The Royal Tenenbaums.

What will you choose?

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