Tangled up in…


(blue, grey, green, pink, orange, red, yellow, and black. )

My Nan once told me that, “You’re not a true machinist until you put the needle through your thumb”. Which she did. She had the scar to prove it.

Maybe she said this to make a horrific accident seem worthy. As I’ve yet to hear it elsewhere. Or actually ever from herself again after first telling me it. But I believed her. And enjoyed the unusual criteria of which was needed to earn this title.

But what she didn’t get round to telling me was the accident of a true knitter.

She’s no longer alive and so I’ll never know. I can only guess: Would you need to lean on a knitting needle one night and puncture, mildly, a vital organ? Or just poke yourself in the eye(s- if you’re really hard core), require a patch, and put up with pirate jokes until it healed? Who knows.

But I like that to be good at something in her eyes seemed to require a sacrifice. Specifically, one that involved an acute burst of pain. She wasn’t like other nans…

I wouldn’t say I was a true knitter. (Knitter, is in itself, stretching it a bit.) But when crushed fruit connoisseur Innocent Smoothie’s Big Knit popped up on my TV screen, I thought it was about time I picked up my needles once again.

We’ve all seen the oh-so-cute hats balancing on top of small smoothie bottles from November onwards, justifying spending almost £3 on something you believe you could make yourself. But I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I did not know regular people like you and me actually made those. I’m not even sure they always did.

However this year they clearly needed some help – more than they have done in previous years. Their TV ads reminded us we could all do it, and their website offered snazzy patterns to help you along your way.

Gimme five for helping older people!

Gimme five for helping older people! (Sorry)

Deadline extended, I managed to knit five. At 25p a hat to ageUK, that’s £1.25. Not a grand sum, but I think my Nan would still be proud. (Whether I’m) injured or not.


P.S – Hats off to Grace who, at the age of 103, knitted 50 hats. My hero!

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2 thoughts on “Tangled up in…

  1. Julia says:

    Well done Kathryn – love the green one. If I see that on a shop shelf, I shall buy it!! And yes, good on Grace ….. amazing! xx

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