’tis the season


Eat spiced goods.
Drink spiced goods.
Buy shiny things.
Wear shiny things.

If you’re not doing two (or atleast one) of these seasonably-acceptable check points, then something has gone wrong.

(And If you’re doing all four, well done.)

I myself am already nearing my – approximated – twentieth mince pie.

Whether you are one of those who hate, love or couldn’t care either way – Christmas is here. And instead of moaning that it costs a lot, it’s cold and it’s all over before you know it…don’t forget: Christmas is a great cover-up for most impulsive and indulgent things you would normally feel bad about.B25709163_100_b

For example: Person A, “I really want this glittery expensive dress but I shouldn’t really buy it.” Convincing Person B, “Well it is Christmas.” A new, convinced Person A, “Yes, yes it is.”

And that can be rolled out for most circumstances. Try it.

It worked for me when I saw this – bejewelled Christmas trees in a big glittery jar. So stupid, so simple, so pointless. But it’s Christmas. Okay.

It is a state of mind I believe should continue long after the festive period…

Merry Christmas

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2 thoughts on “’tis the season

  1. Julia Roberts says:

    Am not wearing anything particularly shiny, but can own up to the other three – love your Christmas trees in a jar :0) xxx

  2. kathryn_shhh says:

    I think that’s a good effort!

    And yes, they are very cute aren’t they : ) xx

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