The internet is amazing…

it even sends me tea.

Well, almost.

After popping up in the latest issue of the very lovely Oh Comely – in which I attempt to offer some solutions to sleeplessness – my not-so favourable verdict on chamomile tea caught somebody’s eye.

Hayley, an avid reader of Oh Comely and representative of master brewers Teapigs (a name so cute and ridiculous I was immediately hooked), did some pretty impressive e-detective work to track me down and get to the bottom of this…

Answering Hayley’s email we agreed that for the majority chamomile tea by other brands tastes like “pond water”. But it didn’t end there. No. Tea-enthusiast Hayley, following the brand’s motto “drink real tea/no more dusty bags”, very kindly offered to send me an alternative chamomile tea – made with real flowers – right to my door.

What a woman.

Teapigs’ adorably named Dream On offering really is much better. Even if I do think we’ll never be bosom buddies…

And their beautifully packaged and creatively categorised range – many of which were included in my loot – are most definitely future favourites of mine. The New Grey Earl Grey, Morning Glory Everyday Brew and Lazy Days Lemon and Ginger, to name but a few.

Time to stick the kettle on again…


(Big thank you to Hayley again)

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2 thoughts on “The internet is amazing…

  1. Hold on one moment…. you wrote things, and got tea for doing so? Where do I sign?

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