say hello

… to my (not so) little friend.

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, cats are quite important to me. Especially this one:


Yes, I’m going to be the crazy old lady door-to-door knockers avoid through reputation alone. And I’m going to enjoy it.

The reason I’m posting about him? Well, it’s been a busy and upside down few weeks which has left me with little time to post about much else…

And I thought he just deserved it, okay?

Lately he’s been developing some worrying signs of human behaviour. Like eating human food – chips and croissants, mainly. But also getting closer and closer to saying ‘hello’ in meow form. Maybe it’s time he started playing with cats his own age, and, erm, species. Sadly I won’t be be turning into a cat any time soon…

The same breed as the ‘Essex lion’ (before jibes about his weight start) he’s also akin to the lovely Justin Vernon’s cat.

Cat play date Justin?

(worth a try)

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3 thoughts on “say hello

  1. If you call a cat a human name this is bound to happen! I know a cat called Dave – same problem! Once had a budgie called Eric – same problem…

  2. cat_services says:

    Just a quick query, how was it that he came across said chips and croissants? Did he rustle them up himself?

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