‘ave a butcher’s

Look. I am very excited EastEnders is on SEVEN times this week. Eight if you count the double bill Monday. I am excited my soap heroine Shirley Carter is a massive part of this. And if you don’t like or watch EastEnders I apologise and promise not bring it up again. Much.

But in honour of such an occasion let me explain why I love it so…

1. Shirley – (see pic for details) If Rod Stewart had a twin sister she would be it.

2. It was a part of my childhood – really. I even have a letter from my mum informing me she’d tried taping it for me when I was on camp. It’s the bread and butter of most nights – however sad this makes me seem…

3. Chryed – it’s all so beautiful. If they could have babies it would be beautfiul. Unfortunately I was living in another country at the height of Chryed mania and missed a good (again, beautiful) chunk. Still that didn’t stop my sister skyping it over, internet permitting.

4. Wellard – this makes the list purely for the fact my friend got so bored in her job she went onto EastEnders’ website and found out Wellard was actually a female dog. Amazing. This trivia she dropped into conversation like it was general knowledge. And I love her for this. It even has its own wikipedia page. Take that life.

5. Dum dum dum dum dum dumdumdumdah – okay: the theme tune. One of the easiest scale-based tunes to play on piano, many after school afternoons were spent entertaining my piano teacher’s dog when she wasn’t in the room. Lucky for me she didn’t own a TV and so I came across as a brilliantly gifted child.

If she could see me now.


These are just five of many reasons. I can’t justify it any further. And I think we’ll all agree it’s important I don’t.

I’ll leave the final word(s) with Shirley…(Hoorah!)

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4 thoughts on “‘ave a butcher’s

  1. Julia Roberts says:

    Really Kathryn!!!!!!!!:0)

  2. Lisa says:

    Shirley is EFFING brilliant. I love her (probably a bit more than is healthy).

    Lisa x
    (fellow Oh Comely writer stopping by for a read)

  3. kathryn_shhh says:

    She is! She’s amazing.

    Will have to stop by your blog too! (Brilliant name btw) x

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