Like This

(one of many beautiful postcards from David R. Morgan’s book-in-a-box, Newman)

Things I like usually include cats, glitter, more cats…anything that journeys into twee-dom, really. But me twee? Nooo. No. Maybe.

New independent just-outside-of Manchester-based press, Like This, are an exception to these guidelines (even if I think they could do with a little glitter and/or cats…)

Producing beautifully made short volumes, pamphlets and books of prose and poetry – this press is all about work that doesn’t mind experimenting with both its content and image. Hand-printed, hand-torn, hand-bound and all round, handmade versions available, as well as printed copies, it’s safe to say they’re giving you permission to judge these books by their covers.

Having stuck my head firmly in Threadbare Fables by Ian Seed and Waterloo by JT Welsch, I predict great things to come. Waterloo especially beautiful with copies of old photographs and forgotten images illustrating the pages.

Their Book-in-a-box series has just launched with David R. Morgan’s, Newman, leading the way. I’m super excited to see it and suggest you do the same.

The message is clear: Like This Press. Easy. Peasy.

(JT Welsch’s, Waterloo)

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4 thoughts on “Like This

  1. oooooooooooo…… all there is to say, really! I do very much like this book in a box idea…

  2. kathryn_shhh says:

    yes, it’s such a beautiful press. And great for tube reading – small and compact!

  3. David R Morgan says:

    Brilliant. Many thanks. Like This Press … what’s not to like ?

  4. kathryn_shhh says:

    Exactly! Best of luck with it.

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