Daylight savings

Daylight Music at Highbury & Islington’s Union Chapel was well under way when I arrived, a little late, this week.

I’d been meaning to get myself down (or rather across) for a while now; but something had always got in the way. Usually sleep. Or dirty clothes. This week I thought I would forgo both. And so I entered Union Chapel’s grand doors, questionably dressed, covering up a little too much with perfume and most definitely, bleary eyed.

Fortunately for me I had made the right decision. The soothing tones of first act, Jenny Lindfors, greeted me and eased me into my seat – surrounded by the faces of other people who also weren’t 100% sure about this time of the day either.

Ending on a Neil Young song and promising amazing cocktails at her EP launch in the week, Jenny seemed to twist even the most stubbornly tired arms (mine) proving this project was something special.

Making way for the next two acts, the break gave me the chance to explore an impressive array of cakes and breakfast rolls. Flapjacks recommended.

Heed the Thunder (see pic) followed with a bigger sound – the highlight for me being a song about the legendary Goth sandcastle competition on Whitby Bay.

But the headline act (if such a thing exists at 1pm) was Captain Dangerous.

Belting out Morrissey esque style lyrics, condemning Mondays and singing about the painfully true and brutally funny aspects of love and relationships; they earnt top billing.

The sound was big and bright, switching between instruments; just what we all needed. This I have a feeling, will be the first of many Saturdays to come. Oh and it’s absolutely free, Join me!*

*Don’t actually join me. That might be weird (mainly for you).

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