Artist Feachaaa: Lizzy Stewart

Lizzy Stewart first caught my dawdling eye when someone suggested I might like her online project Solo, a series of illustrated diary entry drawings.

London based, Edinburgh up and Paris and Berlin, treker – her entries are never boring. Still pausing on the mundane, frustrating and often difficult aspects of life, she approaches each with a humorous, almost reassuring eye; feelings we all feel, everyday.

And of course she loves cats, cakes and dancing like nobody is watching.

I couldn’t ask for much more.

Not only is she a dedicated diary doodler, she also has a jam-packed portfolio full of wonderful illustrations and projects; highlights for me include, Cardigan Heart and the Wuthering Heights series.

Arriving a little late to the Lizzy Stewart party I’ve only just got my hands on Solo Three, the published from screen to print, diary entries zine (one and two now completely sold out).

So what you waiting for? Dawdle, doodle or dance on over …

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2 thoughts on “Artist Feachaaa: Lizzy Stewart

  1. Julia Roberts says:

    a very clever and original idea for keeping a diary – you should do it, if you’re not already

  2. kathryn_shhh says:

    Yes, it’s a clever idea, isn’t it? Unfortunately I’m no illustrator but maybe something else could work … thanks for the suggestion! x

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