Goodbye 2011, I knew you well…enough

2011 I have to admit can go away.

Now, it wasn’t a bad year but it was tough and long and most of the time, frustrating.

Things that happened to me this year (in no order that means anything at all)

– I turned 25 (sob)
– I met Miranda July (sob (good sob))
– I graduated
– I signed on (OK the last two points have a chronological order)
– I began working in a Christmas shop (no kidding, and again, chronologically correct)
– I left Manchester and joined London again
– I made £143 for charity running, panting, crawling and crying in a Santa “fun” run suit
– My cookies made the radio

I’ll stop. Nothing groundbreaking. (OK I graduated…and my cookies…)

2012 you can do better.

But I’m not making new year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year all and thanks for reading.

I hope to have many more DAWDLINGS for you very soon. Please feel free to be lovely and subscribe at the bottom. I don’t bite, unless you’re into that.

2012 I know you're out there...


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