A Cup of Rosy Lee

As a recent student I had A LOT of time to café hop. And so I got into tea drinking. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Green Tea, Orange Blossom, etc…and ROSE TEA.

Twinings was to blame. When they released their limited edition range of teas I was first to snap them up. But as the ‘Limited’ part insinuates, this wasn’t going to last and so for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to find their Rose Garden edition anywhere.

This made me think there must be different rose teas out there… Love Love Tea, by Tea & Philosophy, comes close. Slightly less strong, and little more of everything else (liquorice and corriander seeds) this tea still delivers the floral flavour I began to love so much. Additionally it’s cute packaging and quirky ‘love all and everything’ message makes this a nice gift, even for yourself.

Rose organic teas by Yogi Tea also comes in as a strong contender. With a stronger smell than Love Love, the herbal side this tea boasts tends to slightly overule, whilst leaning towards at times feeling like you’re drinking a cup of hot Turkish Delight! Also wrapped up in cute packaging Yogi Tea offers its drinkers spiritual awakening through its pack informing us, “Rose represents the Earth element”. Slightly easier to get hold of and and half the price of Love Love, this might be the rose tea for the beginners.

Other rose teas I’ve yet to try but LOVE the look of, include;

Retro branded Rose Tea by Brewhaha, Whole Rose Bud Infusion Tea by Infusion Tea (both available fom Harvey Nichols) and last but not least, (my favourite) the gorgeously packaged Love Me Tea from TWG Teas the most priciest and not surprisingly, available exclusively it seems, from Harrods.

So go on, spread a little love. I know I will.


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