As Jarvis asks the audience, “Are you ready to party hard?” I knew I had witnessed something very special.


It’s September 1st, Brixton Academy, and Pulp are playing their second and final date in London. Having never been a devoted fan of Pulp’s, largely I guess, due to having just missed the britpop era born in ’86, I didn’t know quite what to expect.

The band’s 3D net effect light show tempts the audience asking us if we’re ready, if we want it and of course, do you remember the first time? Kicking off into their hit record to get us all warmed up.

Jarvis glides on all legs and big glasses and there is an almost godly presence to his arrival. The guy behind me that was just laughing at the crowd “clapping a light show” shuts up and takes in the momentousness of what is about to happen. We all know this going to be something to remember.

Effortlessly Pulp pour out song after song, including Disco 2000, Something Changed and Babies, with extra special help from legendary Richard Hawley who goes largely unnoticed and overshadowed by the mesmerising dance moves of Cocker’s performance.

The lighting effects continue throughout, peaking at ‘Sorted for E’s & Wizz’
where I think I came as close as I will to feeling what that song is all about.

Finishing on an emotional double encore with the last song being, Wickerman, something they admit only having played once live (the day before), Jarvis gives out a heartfelt, while characteristically slightly sarcastic, comment that this might the last time we see them. I think not.

Do you remember the first time? I sure do


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